Ganoderma Series

Ganoderma Series

Ganoderma, known as the "King of Herbs" has been hailed for its precious medicinal uses for more than 2,000 years in China. Ganoderma is listed in the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia and Therapeutic Compendium.

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4 Basic Principles of Ganotherapy

  • Illness is caused by two causes; toxins in our body and imbalance of body functions.
  • Ganoderma does not cure illness but it can assist to balance up our body system and improve immunity against diseases.
  • Any reaction that takes place is caused by our body system and not by the intake of Ganoderma.
  • The dosage of Ganoderma taken is irrelevant to diseases.

The Power of Ganoderma

( A ) Scanning ( 1 – 30 days )

  1. Diseases are caused by imbalance of body functions.
  2. RG can help regulate the body functions.
  3. The intake of RG may cause reactions. We can identify the ailing area from these reactions. This is known as the scanning effect of RG.
  4. RG contains all the natural elements of Gano water soluble, organic soluble and volatile elements.

( B ) Cleansing – Detoxification ( 1- 30 weeks )

  1. Uric acid, excess cholesterol, fat and calcium deposit, bad tissue and other chemicals accumulated in our body are toxins
  2. The toxins are removed from our body by:
    • Sweating
    • The circulation system – ( kidney & liver ) and then discharged from the body through urination and stool.
    • Boils, rashes, phlegm and mucus discharge.

( C ) Regulating ( 1- 12 months )

  1. Balancing effect to regulate the body functions.
  2. Many reactions can be observed during regulation. This is a sign that the body is healing and one should not worry about it.
  3. One should continue to consume Reishi Gano.
  4. If the reaction is too vigorous, reduce the dosage.
  5. After the reaction, resume normal dosage.
  6. The reaction may come back but proceed with the dosage.

( D ) Building ( 6 – 24 Months )

  1. Process of building and healing body parts that have sustained injuries or damage.
  2. Strengthening the immune system, improving physical strength and mental calmness and creating more resistance to diseases.
  3. Supplying essential elements to the body, such as minerals and triterpenoids for the recovery of bodily functions.

( E ) Regenerating ( 1 – 3 years )

  1. This is the ultimate aim of consuming RG
  2. It is the process whereby our body is functioning at its optimum level and has a rejuvenating effect ( restore youthful appearance, strength and peace of mind ).

GL ( Ganocelium is the mycelium of Ganoderma lucidum)It supplies a whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals to our body. It serves as a source of oxygen. It contains Polysaccharides, Organic germanium, a whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals. The content of Polysaccharides and Organic germanium in Ganocelium is four times more than that of Ganoderma.

Strength of GL :

  1. Strengthens body resistance
  2. Cleanses toxins out of the body
  3. Provides full range of vitamins and minerals
  4. Helps to maintain a healthy gastric and renal system

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Reishi Mushrooms – The Superior Herbs

For over 2000 years, Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma lucidum) have been considered by the Chinese to be a high quality herbal medicine. In traditional Chinese medical theory, Reishi or Lingzhi is ranked the highest. It improves overall health, increases the healing ability, promotes longevity and does not cause any side effects even though it is taken continuously. According to Dr. Li Shi-zhen, the most famous Chinese medical doctor of the Ming Dynasty, long-term consumption of Reishi will promote a strong and healthy body and assure longevity. It has been proven by modern medical research that Reishi has a wide range of beneficial effects. Its main function is to promote blood circulation and increase the metabolic activities of cells (detoxification) and also help with the proper functioning of all internal organs (balance the body functions).

Important elements found in Reishi

Through modern scientific analysis, there are more than 300 active elements found in Reishi. The main active elements are:

  1. Polysaccharides
    Polysaccharides stimulate or modulate the immune system by activating the immune cells such as macrophage and helper T-cells as well as increase the levels of immunoglobulin (antibodies) in fighting the unwanted foreign cells such as bacteria, viruses etc. It helps to cleanse the toxins from the body, strengthen the natural healing ability of the body, convert abnormal cells into normal cells and strengthen the resistance of the body thus improving overall health. Experiments at the Drug Research Institute in Toyama, Japan confirmed that polysaccharides in Reishi are responsible for immune enhancement. In Japan, Reishi extract has been reported to be effective in treating patients with liver failure.
  2. Triterpenoids
    Triterpenoids are responsible for Reishi’s bitter taste and several of its beneficial properties. This component improves blood pressure and increases blood lipids. Triterpenoids have a kind of harmonizing effect on the body, especially on the immune and the circulatory system. It gives Reishi an adaptogenic quality, providing the person with protection from a wide range of biological, environmental and social stresses.
  3. Adenosine
    Adenosine improves blood circulation by inhibiting blood platelet aggregation. An earlier study done by a team of researchers from Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine found that Reishi improved the function of red blood cells in transferring oxygen. They related this finding to the adenosine in Reishi.Adenosine also helps in lowering the cholesterol level and regulates metabolism and hence promote vigor and vitality.

In today’s world, large proportion of the population is constantly in the state of ‘pre-illness’ due to environmental pollution, stresses and unhealthy lifestyle such as consuming diets which are high in fats, cholesterol, sugar, salt and chemical additives. Under these circumstances, it is wise to prevent any deterioration in health rather than seek a cure after illness prevails. As recorded in the oldest Chinese medical text, Reishi is to be used for preventive measures rather than a cure. Therefore, Reishi is the best solution for modern day health problems.

Why choose DXN Reishi?

The low temperature treatment that is adopted by DXN maintains all the active elements of Ganoderma after concentration. The total concentration rate of this method is 20:1, which means that the Ganoderma capsule of DXN has higher product quality, far exceeding the imported products. Besides, the low temperature treatment, which can preserve all the active elements of Ganoderma, is superlative to the boiling and heat dry methods.

We are proud of the fact that all processes from cultivation up to production of DXN Reishi are based on local expertise and material. Besides that, the Ministry of Health has also conferred the GMP certificate to the pharmaceutical factory of DXN. This shows that the quality of DXN Reishi has reached international standards and recognitions. In addition, our product quality has been certified by various health institutes and organizations. We are also ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and TGA certified.

Many people have improved their health through DXN Reishi.

DXN Reishi – your perfect choice!

How can Ganoderma Improve Your Overall Well-Being?

In the body, all the five active elements of Ganoderma act in synergy to possibly improve overall wellbeing, which is the basis of GANOTHERAPY. Ganoderma, when consumed properly, reaches all the cells in the body due to its unique qualities.

Long term health recovery and protection are more appreciated in Ganotherapy than short term relief, as noticed in many other lines of treatment.

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Ganocelium (GL) 360 Capsule

Ganocelium (GL) 360 Capsule

Ganocelium® (GL) is produced from a 18-day old mycelium of Ganoderma lucidum. The mycelium is rich i..

₹3,840 Ex Tax: ₹3,840



Ganocelium® (GL) is produced from a 18-day old mycelium of Ganoderma lucidum. The mycelium is rich i..

₹1,010 Ex Tax: ₹1,010

Reishi Gano (RG) 360 Capsule

Reishi Gano (RG) 360 Capsule

ReishiGano (RG) is a kind of mushroom essence formulated from Ganoderma lucidum. It contains a wide ..

₹5,000 Ex Tax: ₹5,000



ReishiGano (RG) is a kind of mushroom essence formulated from Ganoderma lucidum. It contains a wid..

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Removes Toxins from the entire Body: Prevents Chronic diseases (eg. Diabetes, BP)Prevents ‘Blocks &a..

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RG-GL 90

RG-GL 90

Removes Toxins from the entire Body: Prevents Chronic diseases (eg. Diabetes, BP)Prevents ‘Blocks &a..

₹2,300 Ex Tax: ₹2,300

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