Business without Boundaries for financial freedom


Business without Boundaries for financial freedom 


Most exciting enterprise of 21st century is Network Marketing.Generally Most People are allergic to the term "Marketing".They think that they have to go out and meet a lot of people to sell products.Nobody wants to be a salesman. 


Then how does Network Marketing work?


Why people from all categories join here ?


Why from Doctors to Laborers, from Engineers to Professors to a Farmer or from any other profession, trade or work are attracted to this industry.


The reason is - It is a business of People and not product. It is a business of relationship not conventional sales.Your contact or relationship builds the enterprise. It is a business of the people by the people and for the people. A True Democratic distribution of  Wealth. That is why Network Marketing is called " Democratic Capitalism ", Where everyone has the equal opportunity to accumulate wealth.It is the choice of each individual who joins the industry What they want to be. 


The leading company like DXN with Global Ranking published in 2015, at 25th among-st top direct selling companies in the world by measure of 2014 revenues with the sales of $780 Million ( about Rs.5000 crores), truly gives us a Global Opportunity to build our network all over the world as DXN products has spread its wings to over 150 countries during the last 23 years. Therefore, those who are ambitious in business have this global opportunity to grow through spreading their network without boundaries through DXN Vision of "One World, One Market".


It is a True Free Enterprise.A LAISSEZ FAIRE  Doctrine -What "Father of Economics" Adam Smith  had Advocated.

Freedom of Choice is the Basic Foundation of Network Marketing, which is the ultimate synergism for wealth creation in the free market economy.Leveraged income and exponential growth are the most powerful factors which attract millions of people to this industry.


Network marketing business has crossed more than $178.5 billion around the globe in 2014 and going to be a trillion dollar industry in the coming years. India being the latest addition to this sector has crossed the combined sales of all direct selling companies to reach $1  billion (Rs.6300 crores) for the first time in 2012.India's market for direct selling with the right policy stimulus is likely to reach Rs. 64,500 crores by 2025, from current volume of Rs. 7200 crores.If proper policy framework is established, this industry has huge potential for future growth creating large number of self employment and micro entrepreneurs.


DXN with its most powerful products from Ganoderma Lucidium -King of Prevention which has been used for thousands of years and Spirulina - Queen of Nutrition, known since life on earth came into existence 3.6 billion years ago, can rock the network marketing business in India explosively. 


All of us must concentrate on pure business with this unlimited demand for Health in Wellness sector now known as Wellness Revolution , to encash the opportunity to create unlimited wealth.


Never ever The time is so right than RIGHT NOW, for those who are ambitious to build huge business in wellness industry as there is no better and smarter solution to diseases than prevention.Prevention is better than Cure.


At the end, We wish all of you who are focused to change your own lives to concentrate and further build a large network in DXN business and to positively impact millions into Wellness and Wealth.


Don't think- Just do it.All of you can. You have our support along with the support of our huge 5 million global DXN family.

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